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My name is Phil Peble and I am a software developer that currently works for Travis CI. I am primarily a backend engineer that writes in Ruby and Go but I have used other languages extensively in my past positions. If you would like more information on my skills and past experiences please see my resume below.

I live in the North Chicago suburbs with my wonderful, beautiful partner, our son, and our turtle. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing for personal pleasure, engaging in ridiculous abstract arguments regarding the efficacy of various political, economic, and environmental policies, and spending an increasingly large amount of time contributing code to open source.

Key facts

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Enterprise Software Engineer - Travis CI
(December 2018 - Present)

Senior Software Developer - Sittercity
(March 2014 - December 2018)

Software Engineer - Lou Malnatis
(November 2012 - March 2014)

Application Developer - Discover Financial Services
(June 2006 - November 2012)





Northern Illinois University

What is up with your last name?

My original last name is actually ‘Trimble’. I married an amazing woman in September of 2014 and we decided to both take a new last name together. ‘Peble’ is our decision and we are in the process of changing it. The process is kinda drawn out, though, which is why I am straddling the two names for the time being.


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